St. Patrick’s Kiss You, You’re Irish Chapstick DIY with Printable

6th March 2015

Hi friends and Happy Friday!  I haven’t been a big St. Patrick’s fan since my early 20s in NYC.  Everyone is Irish when there’s kegs & eggs and you have no responsibilities.  However, as I got older, kegs & eggs just sounded … EARLY.  This year, my brother-in-law married a woman named Courtney.  She’s quite possibly the most thoughtful person I know.  But add this – she’s wickedly fun.  (Let’s be honest – usually extremely kind and extremely fun don’t come in the same package.  Well she’s got it.)  Courtney comes from a huge Irish family and they are a clan you want to be around!  A family that rallies around each other and knows how to have fun together.  So Courtney, this one is for you!  In honor of getting a big Irish family this year, we’re celebrating.  Here is a quick inexpensive DIY to show your spirit that you can give to kids or adults for St. Patrick’s Day.  (Irish heritage not really necessary.)  As you roll the box it says, “You’re Irish.  It’s March 17.  You’re Gonna.  Need This.”  Open it up – Lucky Charms flavored chapstick.  Yum.  My kids have been stalking this project waiting for me to take pictures of it so they can have it.  I keep finding these little boxes stuffed in their nightstands.  Kid tested – it’s a hit!  Not a bad piece of kitsch for March 17 for yourself either.  I found the pattern for the chapstick box on this site which I altered to give you the printable included in this post.




  • Lucky Charms Chapstick – hurry to the Target dollar aisle before they’re gone ($1)
  • (You could include some of those glitter mustaches from Target for fun)
  • Green, orange and white cardstock
  • Exacto knife or Cricut
  • Scoring tool
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Double sided tape or glue gun
  • Access to a printer
  • St Patrick’s Kiss You, You’re Irish Chapstick Printable


1.  Two options here.  First is more manual than the second – print out the printable on a regular old printer using white cardstock.  Second option is to upload that .pdf file into Cricut Design Space and cut out the out edges, add scoring lines, on the dotted ones and cut out the insides of the letter.

If you used a Cricut, in a couple minutes you’ll have a piece of paper that looks like this. (Have I mentioned how cool this machine is?)


2.  If you printed out the image on plain paper, you’ll have to use an exacto knife and a ruler and cut it out.  Don’t cut out the inside of the words – that’s just CRAZY!  Unless you’re ambitious and have  a LOT of time.  Solid lines are cuts.  Dotted lines are scores.

4.  Cricut has scored the document for you already, you just have to fold it.  If you’re printing it out, you have to score it yourself using a ruler and scoring tool.  Easy.  Then fold.



5.  If you did a Cricut cut out, then just tape alternating pieces of white and orange cardstock on the back of the letters so it shows through the front.



6.  Assemble the box.  A quick piece of double-sided tape or line of glue from a glue gun will hold the flaps in place.  Add the chapstick and you’re done!

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