DIY Kid Class Valentines

11th February 2015

It’s become somewhat of a sport in our family to come up with cheesy Valentine’s day lines.  This time of year we stroll through stores, point and stuff and say the most groan-worthy line we can come up with.

Example: Slinkys
The obvious – I’m head over heels for you.
Less obvious – You put a spring in my step, Valentine.
Slightly raunchy – When you walk in, I get sprung.

Try it.  it’s fun.

I found a bunch of cheap Valentine sunglasses favors.  Six of them in a pack for $3 and the lines started coming – ones that would be appropriate for kindergarteners.

Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear…VALENTINE’S SHADES.

The idea of 19 heart-bespectacled 5 & 6 year olds tickled me.  So my daughter and I whipped up this valentine that you can do too.  We left space so she can address each one and sign her name – gotta practice that writing in kindergarten!


2015Valentine-10 2015Valentine-2


  • Sunglasses for your teacher ($6)
  • 6 pack of purple, pink and red sunglasses ($2.99/pk at Michaels)
  • Red glitter paper (Michaels – $1/piece – one 12×12 piece will give you 15 valentines)
  • White cardstock ($9 for 100)
  • Pink/red thread
  • Access to a sewing machine
  • Access to a Cricut Explore machine, sticky mat, scoring tool & cutting blade
  • Templates: craftnado – kidvalentine .pdf for printing
  • Templates: Craftnado – kidvalentime .jpg for cricut import


    Here’s the .jpg file to upload to Cricut Design Space.

1.  This is the longest part. Upload that .jpg file to Cricut design space cut it out.  I made mine in a 8″ x 8″ square with the writing at the top and scored it down the center.  Don’t have a cricut or want to go a little simpler?  Just have these printed out at Kinko’s using the attached .pdf (cardstock is a little tricky for the average home printers – save yourself the headache).


If you’re going Cricut, then pop all those little letters out.

Stop.  Run to a dark room and shine a flashlight through the holes in the paper.  Give the kids a quick lesson on light and wow them.


3.  Cut out the glitter paper to the size of the text.  (About 5″ x 1.5″)  A paper cutter makes this job really fast.  Tape it to the back of the paper.  Make sure you tape the sides down so the glasses arms don’t catch inside the case.

4.  Fold the paper in half and sew it up using a constrasting color thread.  You want your stitches to be zig zag.  On my Janome, I used a zig zag stitch at setting 2.  Close the end closest to the text and then turn at the corner and sew to the end of the page.  My kindergartener sat on my lap and helped me sew these.  Kids love getting involved so give ’em a job!

2015Valentine-35.  Let your little one address these and sign his or her name.  Fill a big bag up with them and hand those suckers out.  My daughter felt really special that she made them and there is a gift inside.  We’re excited for the Friday class party!

2015Valentine-8Oh and don’t forget to do a big one for your teacher.  Big glasses are a must.

2015Valentine-2I’m thinking I need to make a fabric version of this for my sunglasses all year round.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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