DIY St. Patrick’s Day Cards with Printables

4th March 2015

I found these great glitter mustaches for St. Patrick’s Day at Target.  I immediately imagined my cousin Em’s son wearing them and bought two packs to make something for him.  Well, after I saw them, only kid INAPPROPRIATE things popped into my head.  That’s what I have for you today.  Some simple, kid inappropriate St. Patrick’s Day cards you can whip out in no time.  Enjoy!

Sidebar –  proving these are in fact kid inappropriate – I showed one from the cutting room floor (without the language)  to my daughter S.  Crickets.  “Who’s Tom Selleck?”

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, the mustache is for the card receiver to wear on their FACE on St. Pat’s.  Spoiler alert – you’ll see me coming on March 17.  And don’t worry E – I saved a pack for you, buddy!




  • Green & gold mustaches at Target
  • 5×7 A7 cards and envelopes in white cardstock
  • Cardstock in green and orange
  • Glue
  • Printer
  • A Cricut Explorer if you have it (nice but not necessary)
  • Green & gold glitter paper (if you’re using a Cricut)
  • Printables here – Hipster.pdf and HELLO.pdf
  • A paper cutter (nice to have, but not necessary)

1.  First of all, find the images you want to use.  I don’t have rights to the hipster and Lionel Richie images so I can’t share them with you but I can point you in the right direction.  A google image search on “hipster mustache” gives you all you need.  But hey, a picture of your hipster friend would be a lot funnier – especially if the card is for them.  Lionel Richie, of course, is one Google image search away.  I just printed them out on my home printer on regular paper and cut around the images.


2.  Download the templates and print them out on Green or Orange cardstock – your choice.  If you’re using the Cricut just add the text right into a 5×7 card on Cricut Design Space.  (The Cricut machine is amazing but that software is bunk.  Here’s the Cricut template I created.  If it looks like it’s in Swedish, that a software bug.  At least you can see how to lay it out.)

3.  Position your print outs or your Cricut cutouts on A7 cards.  Make sure you put glitter paper underneath the Cricut cutouts.  Position your images.  Glue it all down.


4.  Tape the mustache on the image.  It will come with an adhesive but don’t use that because that’s for your friend’s FACE!  Just glue it down.

5.  Mail.  Better yet, hand deliver.

You’re done.  Easy peasey lemon squeezey.  I’ll share the kid appropriate St. Pat’s project later this week.

Have some card ideas of your own?  (The discussion gets pretty hilarious pretty fast if you have the right people in the room.)  Leave your ideas in the comments.  If they make me laugh, I’ll make your card and post it.

See you Friday!

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