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St. Patrick’s Kiss You, You’re Irish Chapstick DIY with Printable

6th March 2015

Hi friends and Happy Friday!  I haven’t been a big St. Patrick’s fan since my early 20s in NYC.  Everyone is Irish when there’s kegs & eggs and you have no responsibilities.  However, as I got older, kegs & eggs just sounded … EARLY.  This year, my brother-in-law married a woman named Courtney.  She’s quite possibly the most thoughtful person I know.  But add this – she’s wickedly fun.  (Let’s be honest – usually extremely kind and extremely fun don’t come in the same package.  Well she’s got it.)  Courtney comes from a huge Irish family and they are a clan you want to be around!  A family that rallies around each other and knows how to have fun together.  So Courtney, this one is for you!  In honor of getting a big Irish family this year, we’re celebrating.  Here is a quick inexpensive DIY to show your spirit that you can give to kids or adults for St. Patrick’s Day.  (Irish heritage not really necessary.)  As you roll the box it says, “You’re Irish.  It’s March 17.  You’re Gonna.  Need This.”  Open it up – Lucky Charms flavored chapstick.  Yum.  My kids have been stalking this project waiting for me to take pictures of it so they can have it.  I keep finding these little boxes stuffed in their nightstands.  Kid tested – it’s a hit!  Not a bad piece of kitsch for March 17 for yourself either.  I found the pattern for the chapstick box on this site which I altered to give you the printable included in this post.


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DIY Kid Class Valentines

11th February 2015

It’s become somewhat of a sport in our family to come up with cheesy Valentine’s day lines.  This time of year we stroll through stores, point and stuff and say the most groan-worthy line we can come up with.

Example: Slinkys
The obvious – I’m head over heels for you.
Less obvious – You put a spring in my step, Valentine.
Slightly raunchy – When you walk in, I get sprung.

Try it.  it’s fun.

I found a bunch of cheap Valentine sunglasses favors.  Six of them in a pack for $3 and the lines started coming – ones that would be appropriate for kindergarteners.

Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear…VALENTINE’S SHADES.

The idea of 19 heart-bespectacled 5 & 6 year olds tickled me.  So my daughter and I whipped up this valentine that you can do too.  We left space so she can address each one and sign her name – gotta practice that writing in kindergarten!


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DIY Kid Valentines with Free Printables

13th January 2015

Valentine’s Day is such a crap shoot.  If you’re in a new relationship, there’s the pressure to do what’s appropriate for where you are – and you’re not quite sure where that is.  If you’re in a long term relationship, you end up spending a fortune on a subpar prix fixe dinner in a bizarre semi-formal gastronomic cattle call for romance.  But you do it because you don’t want to give up on the spirit of romance, because you think of yourself as a deeply sensual person and you’re not DEAD.  If you’re not in a relationship, you feel like the whole world is both paired off and pitying you – and you’re wavering between a passive-hide-inside stance and an aggressive-burn-this-place-down stance.  We have all been all three of those people. Bottom line.  No one wins.

But there was a time when Valentine’s Day consistently ranked just below Christmas.  That was 1985 – second grade.  No one was paired off because boys were, at that point, REPULSIVE (save one or two).  You were going to school but the whole day was pure anticipation for the party.  Everyone gave you sweet notes about how much they liked you.  There was a lot of candy.  And anything could happen – and did.  (True story – my classmate Fred ate two entire boxes of Red Hots to prove he loved someone and barfed all over his desk.  It looked like fluorescent red slime.  Any second grader would tell you it was a high point of our year.)  Bottom line – EVERYBODY wins!


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